‘Neknominate’ – drinking game taken to the next level

Q: What is the media being blamed for today and is this justified?

‘Neknominate’, a deadly online drinking game that’s believed to originate in Australia in early 2014. It involves a participate filming themselves downing large quantities of a drink (usually alcoholic) and uploading it on Facebook or Youtube, then nominating a friend to outdo the previous. However the ‘social media fad’ has become extreme with beverages containing cleaning supplies, engine oil, toilet water, dog food and even insects, dead mice and goldfish; combined with alcohol. This deadly drinking game has resulted in 5 deaths over the past month and a severe case of a 9 year old girl having her stomach pumped due to drinking a mixture of orange juice, vodka and whiskey after her friends encouraged her after viewing the videos on Facebook. 

– A report from A Current Affair.

Politicians and authorities have begun to worry as the craze has spread worldwide.        

“The Facebook drinking game ‘Neknomination’ has gone viral, and sadly young people have died as a result,” says UK opposition spokesman Diana Johnson. Parents have started to take a shot at the major social media sites stating, ‘‘It is absolutely shocking. I don’t agree with the craze or Facebook allowing them to be posted at all’. 

Facebook has released a statement replying:

‘”We do not tolerate content which is directly harmful, for example bullying, but behavior which some people may find offensive or controversial is not always necessarily against our rules. We encourage people to report things to us which they feel breaks our rules so we can review and take action.”

My opinion: I believe that both sides are at fault. Yes, the game is spreading due to social media but it was initially created by us. Even though Facebook’s statement is correct the fact that they aren’t doing anything about the viral videos is alarming as they are allowing it spread further, endangering the lives of its young users. BUT blaming Facebook and YouTube don’t excuse the recklessness of the participants. The 9 year old girls’ mother blames Facebook, but why was a 9 year old on Facebook in the first place? Isn’t the minimum age 13? Thus both parties need to take blame.


– Linh Hoang



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4 thoughts on “‘Neknominate’ – drinking game taken to the next level

  1. Great example of what the media is being blamed for in todays society! Ive heard of the ‘neknomination’ game but never knew how it was harming people. Great opinion piece, your take on the situation is compelling. While I was reading your blog I never stopped to consider just who was at fault during the situation, however I totally agree with your opinion on Facebook. It seems drastic that Facebook hasn’t responded to the ‘neknomination’ game especially now that people are being injured and even dying. Why do you think Facebook has yet to take action?

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment on my post. I totally understand what you are pointing out on Facebook. I feel that they kind of have responded but not taken any action like they should be. I think its because they don’t think they are to blame, which eventually revolves around the question of what the social media is being blamed for and how much they are really at fault.

      1. Great point! In terms of social media blame, especially in situation like neknomination, the issue really needs to be addressed. Particularly because the media source is serving as a platform for the participation in such actions. Perhaps this will be something the Australian Communications and Media Authority will regulate in future 🙂

  2. Hi Linh, you definitely chose a great topic to talk about. I saw a few ‘Neknomination’ videos that were Facebook but I never knew that people actually went that far, I didn’t even know about the 9 year old girl’s video but that’s just crazy! I totally agree with your opinion that both social media and the individual are at fault. Good job on the blog post! 😀

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