For the past 6 weeks of BCM 110, Thankyou.

Over the past 6 weeks, I’ve grown to be more comfortable in tweeting and blogging thanks to BCM 110. I found that all the topics I decided to write about was something I was passionate about rather than being something I was just obliged to do. My first post on ‘Neknomination’ the drinking game outlined what the social media was being blamed for. I was especially pleased with this post because I found it so interesting and refreshing. Something I hadn’t heard of before. Thus I thoroughly enjoyed the intense research I conducted for this post. Reading others opinions in the comments gave me a sense of pleasure, having people read my blog.

My next blog post discussed a controversial advertisement from ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ as a representation of the media’s controversies. It took me a long time to find a text I actually wanted to do because there was so many choices. When looking at adverts in magazines and online, I never really noticed the criticisms and issues about the texts before. This task helped to see the media vulgarity of the media and what they do to voice an opinion. Reading others blog posts about the topic also shined a light on the media and how they took advantage of their power to release such controversial messages.

The next post relating to the public sphere was something I was really excited to write about. ‘Jersey Shore’ was a TV show I regularly watched and found very entertaining. I never really knew how much criticism it gained until I actually researched about it; and now, it kind of adds up. The post helped me understand the role of the media creating debate and discussion within the ‘mediated public sphere’. Due to my excessive interest in this topic, I even skipped my previous task about media ownership; which I found was really difficult to write about. It wasn’t something I felt I could make very interesting compared to my other posts. Although I wrote about something I was using, Instagram; there is only so much you could talk about. It was the post I was least confident about.

I have certainly enjoyed BCM110, watching Sue’s hilarious lectures at home; laughing by myself while my little sister would stare at me in amazement questioning how I could be laughing at a PowerPoint slide.


One thought on “For the past 6 weeks of BCM 110, Thankyou.

  1. I feel the same way about the subject as you do!
    When i first started i had never blogged before, but as i started to look into the topics I actually found them quite interesting and fun to learn about! 🙂

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