Global News

News is continually sought and offered in the course of social communication because it is a necessary and valuable commodity of social exchange. (Khorana 2014)

News is available through many different media platforms such as TV, radio, newspapers and social media. In our modern society, social media is especially becoming more frequent with all ages. It allows people to share their opinion on what’s happening around the world. For example, a YouTube duo known as JustKiddingFilms created a YouTube channel called JustKiddingNews which basically involves the duo and other YouTubers or friends that read about a news article and discuss their opinions and views.

I watch JustKiddingNews because it’s simply entertaining listening to others opinions on issues around the world. The news they talk about isn’t usually on the front page of newspapers and all over TV, therefore it gives opinions on problems that aren’t as recognised. The YouTube channels motto, ‘Realer News, Realer Opinions’ describes their true honesty when speaking of global matters. Other than JustKiddingNews I usually get my news from social media, especially Twitter. When ‘following’ news group accounts, it enables me to get instant articles on my feed that I can read. It also enables me to see others viewpoint and opinions to able a better understanding on the matter.

‘It may be more useful to recognise that globalising media and journalism simply mean that the creators, objects, and consumers of news are less likely to share the same nation-state frame of reference. To the extent that certain transnational media emphasize this approach to news, we may call it ‘global journalism’- Reese 2010


YouTube video:

Khorana, S. Who Counts in Global Media? News Values. Lecture from ‘International Media and Communication’ at the University of Wollongong. 14/10/14


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