Finishing off one assessment, means starting another, and this last blog post essentially will be about the next BCM 210 assessments involving surveys, interviews and research reports. Basically my group is researching about how the media influences what films we watch. We were fascinated to see how posts from social media such as a friends Facebook status or a simple tweet might affect ones decision to watch/not watch a movie. We also intend to research how movie reviews and online critiques may impact that decision.

The following survey was just a few ideas we had in mind, but there is definitely room for improvements, but you kind of get the whole idea of what we’re trying to ask.

Gender: F

Who do you usually watch movies with?

Friends and Family

How do you watch films?

I usually watch films in cinemas. However, if they are older I download them online, or stream them.

Does the media influence your decision to watch a film? Eg. Social media, newspaper etc.

Media generally doesn’t heavily influence what films I watch. However, there are exceptions.

Do you read film reviews?

  • Never
  • Rarely
  • Sometimes
  • Often
  • Always


Does a negative review effect your decision to watch a film?

No a negative review doesn’t affect my decision.

How often are you to share on social media that you are watching/ watched a film?


Film reviews determine what movies I watch.

  • Strongly disagree
  • Disagree
  • Agree
  • Strongly Agree


Are you most likely to watch a movie due to:

  • Recommendations of family/ friend
  • Online critics
  • Newspaper reviews
  • Movie promotions
  • Box office results


The open ended questions may result in difficult analysis of the qualitative data, however both quantitative data and qualitative data allows various interpretations as well as statistical information. Improving the current survey questions might include having more precise questions and choices as well as questions that are provide depth.

Creating survey questions was much more difficult than expected due to the special considerations needed when making questions up. Often, creating questions and ideas was easy, but wording them appropriately was where it was difficult.


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