Anonymity on social media

Keyboard Warriors
Keyboard Warriors

‘Anonymous’ was introduced into the cyberspace from the beginning of the age of internet and social networks. The cyber libertarian tropes allowed freedom of information while ending the authority online and its regulations. It basically allows one the ability to anonymously post anything they wish on various mediums that are generally about their own opinions, confessions and, well anything and everything. Unfortunately, it also includes the harassment of individuals targeted by anonymous personas also known as ‘keyboard warriors’ that brings the bad values of anonymity that is one of the most destructive forces in society today, cyber-bullying.

Online anonymous apps such as, whisper, Yik-Yak and even Tumblr have anonymous features that allow comments to be made secretly that could either positively express freedom or negatively impact on an individuals emotional state. Online anonymity provides a platform for slander and abusive posts that evidently can’t be fully controlled by the platforms. It gives people a way to get away with things without anybody knowing who did it.

Although some sites and apps have shut down or taken drastic measures in regulations towards anonymity on social media networks; anonymous personas will always be apparent in providing freedom of speech and information now and future.


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2 thoughts on “Anonymity on social media

  1. Eye opening blog about the world of online anonymity. Have you ever watched the movie Unfriended? While I realise it is meant to be another scary movie it really was quite interesting. A girl who was bullied online by schoolmates because of an embarrassing video that was posted up sadly commits suicide because of the constant bullying that follows. Her ghost then seeks revenge on those that posted the video. People really do not realise how their words or actions online can affect the mental state of the person they have targeted and it is always important to remember that there is still a real person on the other end. As much as I enjoy the idea of free speech and not being monitored or silenced it’s also important that there is some form of control on what is aloud and what is not. Well done

  2. A very concise but engaging post Linh! Your meme definitely got a chuckle out of me, and is unfortunately an accurate reflection on the negative side of anonymity online. Your use of the online colloquialism “keyboard warriors” was very effective in describing just how much of an impact anonymity can have on the online community. We might be largely anonymous online, but we can still have a very real and occasionally damaging effect without self-moderation. Your mention of the platforms (i.e. Ask FM) anonymity exists on, was also a strength in contextualising your argument for the reader!

    If I could make one suggestion, it would be to link back to your meme a bit more, and describe why it informed your post this week. Although you go into it in the text anyway, I think a strong link between your argument and choice of medium for this week can only strengthen your post!

    Keep up the great work!

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