The Long Tail Effect on Ebay

The Long Tail, a theory by Chris Anderson identifies the switch of our paradigm that is heavily based on the small mainstream market provided by traditional retailers, however is increasingly changing towards demand for niche. Internet has given the ability for people to easily access and consume the never-ending amount of niche products, thus allowing a shift from the mainstream culture and its market. ‘The Long Tail is about focusing on the less popular content that previously couldn’t be accessed because of some physical limitation: most often shelf space’. (Porter, 2005)

eBay has a huge range of products available globally, allowing buyers to access an online store with items that may be difficult to locate before, proving to be a marketplace for new content.

The prezi below describes eBay as an example with its relation to the long tail theory.



Jaroodi, 2012, Web 2.0 Patterns: Leveraging the Long Tail- eBay, visited 11/9

Anderson C, The Long Tail in a nutshell in About Me. visited 11/9


3 thoughts on “The Long Tail Effect on Ebay

  1. Good post, Linh. You describe the Long Tail Effect in a really simplistic way so it’s easy to understand. The quote from Porter you used basically summed about the long tail effect too, so excellent find. Good use of eBay as your example, first time I have seen it used in this topic, its a change from the use of Netflix like myself. 🙂

  2. You have clearly explained the concept that is the Long Tail Effect and it was only complimented by the use of a real life example! You stated what, how and why the long tail exists and these were the questions I thought needed to be addressed. Great job!

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