Era of Citizen Journalism

Gatewatching is a concept noted by Axel Bruns which describes the shift in the way audiences are gaining their news content towards the idea of citizen journalism where users are generating news content. Previously, news content ran through editors and companies who basically told us news topics of their choice. Today, we are citizen journalists who decide and judge news topics on how important we think they are. We attribute with our own opinions and form content based on our attributions.

Social media has allowed us to create user generated content and distribute and organise the information in ways that we choose. Twitter is a platform that enables users to search relevant topics through hashtags and demonstrates to users the trending issues from these hashtags. Hashtags basically allow aggregated content that includes personal opinions. If I was to tweet about a significant event, such as the Parramatta shootings, it would just be lost in the feed. Adding a hashtag enables my personal opinion to be expressed and aware in the online mediated public sphere and enhance meaning of my tweet.


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2 thoughts on “Era of Citizen Journalism

  1. It’s incredible what technology and social media in general has allowed us to do in terms of journalism. Twitter has lead to some amazing developments in the way we receive our news, mainly citizen journalism. Now nearly everyone can be a news reporter, all they have to do is use the trusty hashtag. I’d say it has also opened us up to a more opinionated news society too, because now instead of just reading one newspaper article or watching one news broadcast, we can read hundreds of different comments and articles about one story we find interesting.

  2. It is true that hashtags do provide a lot of convenience for us to search information or news. If we didn’t add hashtags of any topic we want to share and discuss with others, it truly will get lost in the ocean of information in the internet. Frankly, I always love to read people comment and opinion after I watch a video or movie even just an article. It is not just I find it interesting; meanwhile, I feel like I can learn and view a person/place/thing, etc. in different perspective after reading different comments from various types of people. Hence, to some extent, I quite appreciate the advent of advanced technology and emergence of social media despite it drastically changes the development of journalism.

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