Hacking Culture: WikiLeaks

Until this lecture, I had never heard of WikiLeaks or anything to do with it. So, for this blog I decided to dig in deeper to get a real understanding on what WikiLeaks do and the benefits from it.

From what I researched it’s an organisation that depends on other sources for information that are leaked and anonymous and provides them to journalists and newspaper organisations to bring essential news and information to the public. It’s quite efficient in providing breaking news stories in major media outlets while keeping its sources completely anonymous and powerful and influential in the fact that every court case against them have been unsuccessful.

When you think of hacking, negative actions immediately cross your mind. But really, ‘to be a hacker of any kind is to always seek change whether it be perceived as either positive, negative or both’ (Huffington Post, 2014). WikiLeaks is an example of hacking in a way that benefits the wider world and providing citizens with essential information. It makes one think about the advantages of hacking. However, we’ve become a revolution where nothing can be hidden anymore, so what does that mean for the future? Where is the line drawn between positive or negative hacking consequences? And what should be kept hidden or told to the world?


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9 thoughts on “Hacking Culture: WikiLeaks

  1. I will firstly have to agree with you that I had no real understanding of what WikiLeaks was until I did a bit of research for my blog. I found your blog to add a little bit more depth to my understanding of what WikiLeaks is all about. I like your focus on this positive of hacking as well as WikiLeaks in exposing information that we as a society have a right to know. The questions you have drawn from your research are very thought provoking, inspiring thought in me of what would happen if all our private information were exposed online.

  2. Nice research into the actual organisation of Wikileaks. I was very similar to you, although I had heard bits and pieces about Wikileaks prior to the blog.
    As I also discovered when doing my blog, there actual is an organisation behind Julian Assange..
    I do think you should consider the negatives behind the hacking. Is the information kept secret for the benefit of the public? While I think it is a case-by-case scenario I think there is a lot of damage done in releasing so much information to the public.

  3. I similar to the above comments and yourself, I really had no idea what Wikileaks was and had never bothered to find out. But again you have explained it in a sharp and concise way that was easy for me to understand haha! I think Wikileaks is of course important as it reveals information that should be public knowledge. However, I feel at some point all our information will be public anyway, it’s becoming harder to hide things, so people just dont bother anymore.

  4. You have a very clear and succinct writing style! You successfully explained what Wikileaks is and how that is inter-connected with hacking. I do wish though that you had talked more about why Wikileaks and hacking is such a contentious issue and how it impacts everyday people.

  5. You give a good summary of what wiki leaks and explored hacktivism in todays society. I don’t agree with your meme however, I feel like most hackers want people to know what they have done, even if it is a stage name they still get the credit for it.

  6. You gave a great summary of wikileaks and helped me understand hacktivism in the current day. I thought your post was really well written and you have proved two excellent sources. The only thing I could say is that maybe there would be some hackers that do hack and tell. Certain ‘hacktivists’ share their exploits for the common good.

  7. I’m doing on a similar topic too!
    You summarized well about Wikileaks and researched well on the context.
    It actually helped me to realize more about it already thanks!

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