Protests in our backyard- 2015 Aboriginal Australian Community Closure Threats

It’s crazy seeing what social media and networks can do. It’s more then just sharing with the world what you did last weekend or posting a few selfies for your friends. It’s become a global movement as a platform to voice people’s opinion; to get people together and make a difference. Mid 2015, a call for a protest spread across media platforms against the closure of remote Aboriginal communities. It first started with family support but spread nationally when a small community in Wangkatjungka, Western Australia, created a simple Facebook page to spread awareness of the force closure of Aboriginal Communities.

It started a movement with the hashtag #SOSBlakAustralia on Twitter that connected other communities with concerns and interests to start a protest in several cities across Australia- and that’s what happened.

This prezi describes the various protests around Australia and it’s impact and influence.


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4 thoughts on “Protests in our backyard- 2015 Aboriginal Australian Community Closure Threats

  1. Social media has its pros and cons in terms of content, however, I believe that online activism can be quite inspiration and the example you used is great. Sometimes online activism can spread a lot of hate, however, social media has allowed for protests and opinions etc, to be spread across to a wider audience. Good use of prezi as your remediation!

  2. Hi!

    I think your blog harnessed the concept of ever expanding participation and the ideology that participation is addictive. Your examples clearly illustrate how one movement on social media can follow through and impact a network of individuals! As all of my examples for this topic were from foreign countries, it was interesting to see the link between social media and activism in Australia and how this lead to the growth of wider communities. Connectivity is power and it’s positive to see the support shown online for real-world issues. Good job =)

  3. I was really quite baffled when I saw your piece because I normally keep up with the news and I had not heard of this. I never thought social media could take such action upon other communities and problems it is quite fascinating on its power. With just one click or a simple post can bring up such action. This is a really good simple piece plus the prezi brings in a more in-depth approach. Good work.

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