The movie that didn’t want to be made, The Interview

There have been plenty of hacking cases over the years; but a more recent case that blew up the internet was the hacking of Sony Entertainment in 2014 for their film, The Interview. The Interview is a satirical, comedy film that is based around a fictional story that plots an assassination of the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un by the US.

Sony was hacked into on November 22, 2014 with private company information being released to the public. Confidential emails were exposed causing embarrassment and harm; and torrent links for unreleased movies were spread through the internet. Sony was hit real hard; but who was to blame?

Everyone believed it to be North Korea as they had previously announced that the film was an ‘act of terrorism’ and that if released, they would retaliate. However, the North Korean leader denied involvement of the attack and rather praised the hackers for doing a ‘righteous deed’. A group, GOP- Guardians of Peace was later revealed to be behind the hack that was created by insiders within Sony.

Eventually the film was pulled from many cinema’s around the world due to the threat of the hack and North Korea; which became a further debate on social media with discussions on the coward nature of the US and Sony.

“An un-American act of cowardice that validates terrorist actions and sets a terrifying precedent.” – Jimmy Kimmel

The film had limited theatrical release but was made available for download online. (It wasn’t a really good film anyway in my opinion; didn’t really meet my expectations).


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3 thoughts on “The movie that didn’t want to be made, The Interview

  1. Sometimes hacking can be for the wrong reasons, which sounds stupid, hacking should never be a good thing, but it seems that sometimes its important. I never saw The Interview, Seth Rogan doesn’t exactly pull me toward the cinema. I was away of the ‘act of terrorism’ however not of the hack of Sony, so that was an interesting and educational read.

  2. I was waiting for someone to place information up about ‘The Interview’ and how much backslash was made! I really liked how you used a very relevant big piece that sparked so much media and controversial opinion. And it was just a movie!? It is good to see more facts into it on the North Korean Leader and what his actions were towards a movie about him entirely. It is so strange that we seem to be more afraid of hackers than we were ages ago when we were more afraid when they targeted our bank details. Plus great way to place in the meme! Good work I really enjoyed it.

  3. I love movies like this (but please no Seth Rogen) – sarcastic and humorous yet make people think – especially films contain political issues. I feel like this film is unnecessary to ban or pull from cinemas in many parts of the world due to the authorities ‘think’ that it might affect the reputation and thoughts of the public toward them. To do so, it makes me feel like they are guilty, and they try to hide something from the public. Here why I think hacktivist groups are needed since they are able to reassuring that the internet is not a playground for the governments to take advantage on.

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