Started from the bottom now we here: IoT

Just when you think technology is at it’s prime, more pops up to amaze us. The Internet of Things (IoT) is much bigger than people think. It ‘revolves around increased machine-to- machine communication; built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors; it’s mobile, virtual and instantaneous connection’ (Burrus, 2014).

So while researching I found a pretty cool example of loT and it’s use. During a Taylor Swift concert, LED bracelets were handed to audiences that used infrared communications to light up the crowd based on the song being played. Various colours lighted up spontaneously; that are coordinated to the songs being performed. It was controlled by infrared transmitters that control the LED bracelets; similar to the infrared used for remote controls and TV boxes. A concert I went to myself, had light sticks that were available that lit up according to the beat of the song.

Honestly, I didn’t understand what IoT was until this weeks lecture but really; its a function that we are slowly being surrounded by that will only increase in the future. It’s becoming much bigger than we realise.

Here’s another example of IoT being used for speakers!


Burrus, D. 2014, The Internet of Things is far bigger than anyone realizes in Wired. visited 21/10

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7 thoughts on “Started from the bottom now we here: IoT

  1. Great post. Yes its amazing how people dont know what LoT is and yet we are literaly surrounded by it. Im agine a time where everything is literally communicating with each other- more than the humans themselves. A bit concerning in terms of security and hacking etc but exciting none the less. Well done.

  2. Interesting case studies, particularly the smart speaker – however making speakers more “self-aware” sounds like a frightening concept to me instead of cool! I didn’t understand IoT before this week either and I’m still kind of grappling with it.
    Something that might be good to add to this post are the estimates on how much it’s believed that we will be surrounded by IoT in the future to back up your last sentence (more than 500 devices in the average home by 2022 according to some! ), but great work with the post!

  3. Great post! I really liked the example you used of the Taylor Swift infrared LED bracelets, it was a really quirky and fun example to use. I completely agree with you when you say that our future will become permeated by sensor laden active objects. All in all, I really enjoyed this post. Well done!

  4. I really liked the example you used of the Taylor Swift infrared LED bracelets,very relevant in todays access to concerts and music. It’s scary to think of what the future has in store for us based on the revolutions and technologies evolving, forever adding to the Internet of Things. The way technology is used today is very different to even 5 years ago; being able to tweet from a fridge, having a pigeon map air pollution rates on it;s flight route – what’s next? Watching YouTube from a toaster?

  5. You have made a great post Linh! I loved the Taylor Swift reference (big fan over here haha) and think you have done an excellent job at reiterating the main ideas behind the Internet of Things. The meme was attention-grabbing and humorous and related well to what you discussed in your written piece. I think this article also reinforces what you are saying about the enormity of the IoT, you might like to check it out ( All in all, you have produced some great content, well done!

  6. Wow that’s a really interesting example you chose with the bracelets, it would have been spectacular to be a part of that. The materiality of simply a bracelet and connected lights turns into something much more beyond its original definition. Each bracelet, each person, becomes a part of a whole spectacle around them. I must admit I had fallen into a whole where I could only see the ways IOT will be making us sink deeper and deeper into passivity, but something like that example would have the opposite effect on altering our perception of social interaction. It would amplify it in the way it would connect every bracelet to every other bracelet and person in the concert, and heighten the sense of human connection.

  7. Interesting blog this week. Very nice example too. I had a similar experience at a Coldplay concert in 2012, it’s absolutely amazing what technology can do now. I find it amazing that like you, I not really sure about IoT but it is literally around us everyday!

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